Scholes Update #1

Scholes Update #1

Scholes aims to be the first optimally collateralized multichain options liquidity hub.

Hello and GM. In the time since you subscribed, the Scholes team has been putting in countless hours of work into streamlining the onchain options experience on every level from protocol to UI/UX.

Quick Updates

We're excited to share some progress updates with you:

  • Private Testing in Progress: Our contracts and infrastructure are currently undergoing private testing on testnet in preparation for public testing.
  • Your UI, Your Way: We've built a UI/UX you can customize to your needs. Early user feedback has highly rated the experience and we cannot wait for you to test it out.
  • Blog is Live: We're rolling out new blog series with educational resources and in-depth articles on the project's vision and the underlying tech. Read our Intro to Options.
  • Documentation is Coming: Comprehensive docs will be made available, providing details on Scholes Protocol and info for upcoming public testnet.
  • Get Ready for Public Testnet: Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of our public testnet, offering you a chance to experience the platform firsthand.

Stay tuned for more

Thanks again for being an early supporter of Scholes. We hope you take part in the upcoming Public Testnet. A community building together can be such a rewarding experience. We'll continue to keep posted via email.

If you prefer, follow us on Farcaster or Twitter. We also encourage you to connect with others like yourself by joining the community on Discord and Telegram. See you there!